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A Call For Federal Court Stay

April 12, 2019 | 0 Comments

Alexandra, Virginia Friday, April 12, 2019

Veterans March announced that a call of action has been activated to bring awareness and to seek justice in the Potter V. Homes case in Waldron, Scott County, Arkansas.

Jane Westbrook, vice president of Veterans March stated that the call of action is necessary due to the actions of

Judge David H. McCormick

Judge David H. McCormick

Judge David H. McCormick, 15th Judicial Circuit, Division 2, has ordered military records, honors, photos and all property the 89 year old Korean War Veteran who served in the Marine Corps and Army to be given to a niece, Cassuandra Holmes, who forged the veteran’s name in a scheme of fraud.  The judge has never served his country in the military service and has shown disrespect towards veterans in other matters. “The case is a miscarriage of justice and a directed harm against all veterans who fought for our rights and freedom.  When a judge is aware of forgery and fraud in the case and a active federal investigation and for the judge to refused to allow the evidence to be admitted case a dark cloud upon the integrity of our judicial system.”

Veterans March is demanding that the United States Department of Justice seek a federal court order to stay the orders of Judge McCormick until the federal investigation of forgery and fraud has been completed.  The judge has set a date of April 20, 2019 as the date to auction all property belonging to Fred Potter, (JusticeForFredPotter.com}.  Not to do so will cause irreparable harm and a continuance of fraud upon the court.

The McCormick ReportFederal court stays are rarely done against a state court.  However, there is precedent, case history, and supreme court rulings that allow such action.

Furthermore, Veterans March is calling for veterans to rally around the country in support of the action and to show support for Fred Potter.  In Arkansas plans are underway for the “Arkansas Walk For Veteran Justice” coordinated by veterans organization: Veterans Walk in Solidarity.

Read the McCormick Report:

Investigation Reveals Serious Violations by Judge David H. McCormick

Veterans March is also encouraging that citizens in Arkansas to contact Kyra E. Jenner, Assistant U.S. Attorney, Western District of Arkansas to demand that their office file for a federal court stay in this case.  They want everyone to mention that she has precedent for seeking the stay a since she is conducting a federal investigation and with the auction set for April 20, 2019 irreparable harm will be forthwith.

Kyra E. Jenner, Assistant US Attorney, cell:  (479) 221-2613, office: (479) 783-5125  email: kyra.jenner@usdoj.gov



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