Military Records and Personal Artifacts Return to Korean War Veteran

Forth Smith, Arkansas by John Espinoza Fred Potter now has the Marine Corps, Army, and Army National […]

Contempt, Where Are The Military Records?

Waldron, Arkansas Fred Potter had served in the Marine Corps, Army and Army National Guard and honorably […]

Judge McCormick, Investigative Strategy & Tactics

Veterans March had conducted a review of the Potter V Holmes case in 2018 to determine the […]

A Call For Federal Court Stay

Alexandra, Virginia Friday, April 12, 2019 Veterans March announced that a call of action has been activated […]

Investigation Reveals Serious Violations by Judge David H. McCormick

Investigative Report of Judge David H. McCormick, 15th Judicial Circuit, Division 2, Scott County, Arkansas.  Potter V. […]

Skinner Law Firm Deceives Court, Infringes Veterans Constitutional Rights

Disclaimer:  The following article was published by Veteran On Veteran and syndicated. Veteran on Veteran has obtained […]

Judge uses influence against Veterans

A Tyrant Judge displays disdain for Veterans, Children, and The Spirit of Christmas Waldron, Arkansas   Veterans Walk […]

Fraud and Forgery Update

Evidence clearly shows that Cassaundra Holmes did in fact forge the document. UPDATE:  This case for fraud […]

Fred Potter Day Proclaimed

Mayor Keith Greene, City of Alma, Arkansas Proclaims December 26, 2018 as Fredrick Rodney Potter Day in […]

Niece’s Answer to Fraud

Jack Skinner, the attorney for Cassaundra Holmes, filed a response to the civil fraud suit in Crawford […]