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Contempt, Where Are The Military Records?

April 15, 2019 | 1 Comment

Waldron, Arkansas

Fred Potter had served in the Marine Corps, Army and Army National Guard and honorably discharged.  His service took him to the Korean War and to Europe.  He is now 89 years old and due to forgery and fraud by a niece, Cassaundra Holmes of Cassaundra Holmes Insurance Agency, his service is now just a memory.

Judge David H. McCormick of the 15th Judicial Circuit, Division 2 in Scott County, Arkansas had ordered the military records and all of Fred Potter’s personal possessions be returned to his house in Waldron under the control of the niece and to be sold in a auction.  The auction is scheduled for April 20, 2019, 10am, in Waldron.

According to the auctioneer, Shawn Looper (looperauction.com), I have been in every room of that house and I have not seen any military records.

The records and other items seen in the pictures were returned to the house and put back on the shelfs in the office.  During the return to the house, Brett Rains of ABC 40/29 news was there and covered the story.  In the news video you will see that military records along with other items including Fred’s high school diploma, was returned and in place at the house.


Marine Corps Discharge

Marine Corps Discharge

Veterans March had reached out to Cassaundra Holmes to ask her where are the military records.  Her husband, Steve Holmes took the call and stated:  “Our attorney, Jack Skinner, Skinner Law Firm in Greenwood, Arkansas, had advised us to remove the records from the house.  Contact his office.”


United States Army Discharge

Army Discharge

Several veterans organizations and media outlets have attempted to contact the office of Looper Auction, Skinner Law Firm, and Judge David H. McCormick for comment.  They have not returned our calls.

Suspicion is growing that after the article published by VeteranonVeteran.com concerning the military records that the items were destroyed due to the mass public outcry.

High School Diploma

High School Diploma

The court order stated that all of Fred’s items had to be returned to his home under the control of Cassaundra Holmes and to be sold at auction.  Why doesn’t the judge hold Jack Skinner and Cassaundra Holmes in contempt of court?  Jack Skinner had graduated from the same law school and in the same year.

Veterans March is calling on the judge to hold the parties responsible for the military records in contempt of court.  Considering the history of the judge in this and other cases there is not much hope.  The judge would better serve himself and the interest of upholding the integrity of the judiciary by ordering the military records to be returned to Fred Potter.

Veterans and supporters are asked to contact the office of Judge David H. McCormick and respectfully request that the judge honors all veterans by giving the order to return the military discharge, records, medals and pictures to Fred Potter.

Judge McCormick
Judge McCormick

Judge David H. McCormick, Fifteenth Judicial Circuit

108 Union St # 108, Dardanelle, AR 72834

(479) 229-3580



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