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FACT CHECK – Forgery and Fraud

April 4, 2019 | 0 Comments

Question:  “Did Cassuandra Holmes forged the name of

Fredrick R. Potter to financial documents?”


Question:  “Has Judge David H. McCormick allowed testimony and evidence of forgery into the case of Potter v. Holmes in Scott County?”

Answer:  NO

Justice For Fred Potter


Justice For Fred Potter

Cassuandra Holmes

Cassuandra Holmes

A independent forensic handwriting expert from another state had examined documents and made the analyst that the name of Fredrick R. Potter is a forgery.  Furthermore, the examination of the documents conclude that Cassuandra Holmes did forge Fredrick R. Potter’s name.

A case of fraud concerning the forgery was filed in Crawford County, Arkansas where Fred Potter resides.  The case was dismissed due to the case in Scott County, Arkansas.

Judge McCormick will not allow this evidence into court.  The reason given is that the judge claims that Fred Potter had testified under oath that he did sign the document.  The judge has suggested the threat of perjury.  The fact is that Fred Potter made a statement in deposition that the signature looked like his.

Judge McCormick can and should issue a court order staying all previous court orders and present proceedings until a full investigation is completed in the forgery and continuing fraud upon the court by Cassuandra Holmes.  Failure to do so and threatening Fred Potter amounts to “Judicial Extortion.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the US Attorney is actively involved with investigating the case at the request of Fred Potter and his attorney.  Presently the federal investigation is with a federal forensic auditor which can take up to a year to complete.


Justice For Fred Potter


1. Deposition of Fredrick Potter,
pg. 24 – 27 (signing trust documents at the same in Walter’s office,
date on trust and notary stamp is 10 September, 2004)
pg. 52-56 (amendment, Fred did not remember but Skinner persisted)

2. Deposition of Cassaundra Holmes.
pg. 22-23 pertaining to one dollar bill of sale

3. Bench Trial, September 9, 2015 Direct examination of Fred Potter
AB 116-118 (Ab 118, last paragraph states that all documents were
signed in Walters’ office was signed at the same time)
Ab 121-122 is about the amendment


Justice For Fred Potter

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