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FACT CHECK-Military Honors

April 3, 2019 | 1 Comment

Question:  “Did Judge David H. McCormick, Arkansas 15th Judicial Circuit, (Scott County) order that Fred Potter give Cassuandra Holmes all of his military honors from the Marine Corps and Army?”


Question:  “Has Judge David H. McCormick ordered that the military honors and records be sold at auction?”

Answer:  YESYES

After Judge McCormick had issued and order for all items to be given to Cassuandra Holmes for auction the question about personal items, including military records, had been asked to the judge.  His reply:  “what part of everything do you not understand?  I mean everything.”

United States Marine Corps and Army, Justice For Fred Potter


United States Marine Corps and Army, Justice For Fred Potter

News story from Veteran on Veteran

Why a Tyrant Judge Stripped a Veteran of Army and Marine Corps Honors


by Jan Morgan | Veteran on Veteran

What value does a veteran’s Army and Marine Corps honorable discharge along with medals and military pictures have to anyone other than the veteran that earned them?

Leading veteran’s organizations are asking that question.  They are demanding answers and action to have the military honors returned to the veteran who signed a blank check payable up to giving his life for the country that he loves.  All veterans are asked to join and help.  Follow the story to the bottom and see how you can help.

Fred-PotterFred Potter, 89-year-old Korean War Veteran, served in the Marine Corps and Army.  He served in the Korean War and a duty assignment in Germany.

Born 12/26/29 in Alameda, CA to Ruth and Anson Potter.  Fred started playing violin in grammar school with a violin handed down to him from his father, [not a Stradivarius Violin] he even got to play in the Hollywood Bowl as part of a traveling music class. 

Fred had enough high school credits to graduate early, so he had his parents sign a waiver slip for his age so he could join the Marines –he did come home to graduate with his class.  Fred’s first honorable discharge is from the Marines on 30 September 1948.

Fred Potter's squadron at El Toro Marine Corps Aviation Base 1947

Fred Potter’s squadron at El Toro Marine Corps Aviation Base 1947

Fred Potter, 1948Fred Potter, 1948

Fred Joined the Army in October 1948 and spent the next 5 years in Germany with the Army infantry.  He was there during the Berlin airlift and Nuremberg trials. The infantry had many brushes with Russian while protecting the German borders.

Fred returned to the California Bay Area in September 1953 where he joined the California National Guard where he served 3 years.

Fred went to work for BC Van Evens Elevator Company in 1953 and retired from the elevator trade in 1989.

Fred was married and widowed two times, he met and married his first wife, Karel in 1957 and she passed away in 1968.

Veterans Walk in Solidarity in support of Fred Potter, June 4, 2018 Waldron, AR. (photo courtesy of Resident Press)

Veterans Walk in Solidarity in support of Fred Potter, June 4, 2018 Waldron, AR. (photo courtesy of Resident Press)

Fred married again in 1974 to Betty Wright, who is a Waldron native living in the Bay Area.  Betty passed away in January 2013.

Vet in Support of Fred Potter

Vet in Support of Fred Potter

Fred and Betty moved to Waldron the day after Fred retired and planned to live out their golden years there. Fred was known around Waldron for his “mile long” Lincoln Continental Mark IV.  Fred and Betty both had mirror image trusts that was supposed to insure income and property to the surviving spouse.  After Betty’s death the trust did not operate as planned and Fred moved to Alma AR.

Fred survived a quadruple heart bypass, an artificial heart valve, and 5 years of court battles for his trust.

A family trust dispute where the niece pulled a scam to commandeer the savings of her uncle and aunt for her greed and self-interest.  The attorney has collected over $500,000.00 while the judge puts the aging veteran in jail for failure to turn in items that do not exist.


Potter is a Marine Veteran and then served in the Army. He was married to his wife, Betty, for nearly 39 years.

Before his wife passed away, Potter and his wife both created separate trusts, because Potter said they thought it would be better than a will, “We set it up to where the one that was left living would have an income and it didn’t work out that way.  We didn’t know that a niece would forge my name”


The defendant, Cassaundra Holmes, does not have to prove that the items therein ordered to be return, does exist.  The burden of proof is placed upon the plaintiff that they do not exist.  How does one prove a negative?

Because of the judicial misconduct the case has become a complex and difficult situation with no easy solutions.  The quagmire is the direct result of ineffective legal misrepresentation, judicial misconduct and an attorney for the defendant along with the defendants therein a party thereof who displays a total disdain and disregard to the rule of law and moral conscientious.

This case has many elements that rises to different levels of concern and is worthy of further investigation and attention by state and federal officials.

Due to the age and health of Fred Potter, the case is clearly defined under any state’s reasonable guidelines and common law as elder abuse.

NOTICE:  Beginning June 4, 2018 Judge McCormick is finning Fred Potter $1,000.00 per day until he turns into the court a Stradivarius violin (worth Millions and rare) which Fred does not and has never owned.

The conduct and judicial over-step along with the disregard of judicial temperament and the signing of unreasonable court orders by Judge David H. McCormick it is apparent that the court is being use for the purpose of monetary extortion of a senior citizen.

The principles of the ring are a tyrant Judge David H. McCormick, a scandalous attorney, Jack Skinner, and a niece, Cassaundra Holmes who apparently has no moral conscientious and dignity.

The principles of the ring are a tyrant Judge David H. McCormick, a scandalous attorney, Jack Skinner, and a niece, Cassaundra Holmes who apparently has no moral conscientious and dignity.

Veterans and supporters are asked to contact the office of Judge David H. McCormick and respectfully request that the judge honors all veterans by giving the order to return the military discharge, records, medals and pictures to Fred Potter.

Judge McCormick

Judge McCormick

Judge David H. McCormick, Fifteenth Judicial Circuit

108 Union St # 108, Dardanelle, AR 72834

(479) 229-3580


VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Judge McCormick has ruled that all of Fred Potter’s military records and other property is to be sold in a auction.  Time to act is now and help a fellow veteran.




PRESS RELEASE  VeteransMarch.org
March 15, 2019

BE AWARE – BE INFORMED  Case of Potter v. Holmes, Arkansas 15th Judicial Circuit

The operations council of Veterans March meet in emergency session today to discuss the false information originating from the office of Judge David H. McCormick in Dardanelle, Arkansas.

Veterans March has been the leading veterans organization investigating and making referrals to appropriate authorities concerning the case of a Korean War Veteran, Fred Potter. in Waldron, Arkansas. In the course of our investigations we have uncovered disturbing details in areas of concern that was not originally planned as within the scope directive by the executive council session of June 8, 2018.

Today, March 15, 2019 many of our veteran representatives from all over the United States made phone calls to the office of Judge McCormick to respectively request that on behalf of all men and women that wore our nation’s uniform to order the return of all military records and materials that are in possession of Cassuandra Holmes by the directive of a previous order by Judge McCormick to the custody of Fred Potter who rightly earned the honors.

Military honors can only be taken away by a military tribunal. Judge McCormick has superseded that authority and prevented the veteran from the dignity of the honors he earned and put his life on the line for.

The transcript of one phone call made by a veteran representative from the Nevada Veterans March Chapter revealed information that is clearly of concern. The veteran spoke to staff member in the judge’s office who had identified herself as Melinda Talley, trial court assistant. Here is an excerpt from the conversation transcript.

Talley: Judge McCormick’s office.
Veteran: Hello, I am a veteran from Nevada…
Talley: Is this about the Fred Potter Case?
Veteran: Yes and I would respectfully request that the judge orders the return of all military records to our fellow veteran Fred Potter.
Talley: What you read on social media is just not true and Judge McCormick did not order that military records be taken.
Veteran: It is my understanding and let’s go down the fact list for a minute. Fact 1, The judge in open court order that all of Fred Potter’s possessions be turned over to Cassuandra Holmes. When the question arises concerning certain items and including military records the judge stated: “Everything, what part of everything do you not understand?
Talley: I shouldn’t be talking about this case but Mr. Potter had set this up that way with his niece when the trust was set up.
Veteran: Fred Potter never did set up anything with his niece and there is a forensic handwriting expert report from another state identifying that his name was forged by his niece
Talley: He testified under oath that the signature was his then he goes to another county and opens up a case saying that it is not.
Veteran: The fact is that his testimony that you are referring to, he did not say that the signature was his. He stated that the signature looked like his. You have to take in consideration of his age and health and how attorneys throw questions at someone the confusion and pressure that he was under. Regardless of the testimony you can not escape the fact that the evidence from expert testimony clearly shows that the document was forged. Another fact is that Fred Potter is not in possession of the military records. Fact is that the niece is in possession. Fact is that the judge had ordered the return of everything.
Talley: I can not talk about this any more.

The conversation does indicate to any reasonable person that the facts were clearly discussed. The conversation also indicates deception when Talley backtrack on her previous statement concerning the possession of the military records with her statement: “…Mr. Potter had set this up that way with his niece when the trust was set up.

The facts are that the niece has possession of the military records due to court order. Facts are that Fred Potter does not have possession. Facts are that a forensic handwriting expert reports that the trust documents are forged and evidence shows that the niece forged the name of Fred Potter.

Facts also indicate that the very existence of this conversation that the office of Judge David H. McCormick, Arkansas 15th Judicial Circuit is in violation of the Arkansas Judicial Code of Conduct and Cannon Code of Ethics.

Veterans March is a national organization and will not be intimidated by exposing the truth when unrighteous harm comes to our fellow veterans. Therefore, Veterans March will continue to give our director of the Fred Potter case know as Justice For Fred Potter the authority and resources needed to bring this matter to a just resolution for the benefit of Fred Potter and all veterans collectively.

For more information in the Fred Potter case please visit:  https://justiceforfredpotter.com and https://jfp.news

Robert Johnson
Deputy Director of Public Relations

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