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Fraud and Forgery Discovered

July 2, 2018 | 0 Comments

Cassaundra Holmes commits Fraud and Forgery

Cassaundra Holmes

Cassaundra Holmes

After an extensive investigation, Fred Potter has filed a civil complaint in Crawford County, Arkansas alleging that his niece, Cassaundra Holmes, committed forgery.  The summons was served with the attorney, Jack Skinner, for Cassaundra Holmes.  Read the legal complaint below. 

The document attached as exhibit A is a true and correct copy of Fred Potter’s current trust. What should have been attached as exhibit A is from Betty Potter’s September10th 2004.

Developing StoryWhy this matters: this forged document awards Cassaundra Holmes 50% of Vernon Wright’s portion if he should pass away and 100% of my portion of Betty’s trust if I pass away before Fred Potter.  This is an ongoing developing story.