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Judge McCormick, Investigative Strategy & Tactics

April 13, 2019 | 0 Comments

Veterans March had conducted a review of the Potter V Holmes case in 2018 to determine the scope of their involvement and allocation of investigative resources.  After the review the case was assigned tag words, as seen on the Justice For Fred Potter web site.  The tag words are not simply designed for a story but to identified the areas of suspicion for further investigation.


After identifying the areas that gave rise to suspicion a strategical and tactical plan was developed.

Judge David H. McCormick

Judge David H. McCormick

An effective strategy for learning any new skill is to define it and break it down into logical steps, establishing a progression that can be followed and repeated to reach the desired results.  The process of investigation is no exception and can be effectively explained and learned in this manner.  In this article, you will learn how each of the following issues relates to the process of investigation.  Only the first phase of the overall strategy will be discussed and limited to the judge in the case, Judge David H. McCormick.

The McCormick ReportThe first phase of the strategy was public awareness and investigation.  Although investigative tactics can not be revealed the tactics use in public awareness really became paramount for a successful investigation.

Public awareness is a highly effective tactics and used everyday, even within the federal and state investigative agencies.  The tactic of having information published often leads to people talking where otherwise they may have not done so.  Using this tactic with Judge McCormick people seemingly came out of the wood work with a wealth of useful information, from marital discord to bribes.  Even an employee in the Judge’s office has furnished information.The investigation into the judge took us from the University of Arkansas and across the state of Arkansas.

Judge David H. McCormickThe information that Veterans March has obtained and the conclusions established, and the post investigation process, the advise that anyone could offer to the judge is to consider other employment opportunities.  It is highly believed on the national level that the judges days of serving on the bench will come to a end. 

“Justice shall prevail over those who seek to destroy it with their dishonesty.”


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