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Judge Mellows some in Court Hearing

July 13, 2018 | 2 Comments

Developing Story

Scott County, Arkansas July 12, 2018, By: Thomas Hudson

In the Circuit Court of Scott County, Arkansas Judge David H. McCormick held a hearing to consider the authorization of payment for Cassaundra Holmes attorney, Jack Merle Skinner.

Jack Merle Skinner, attorney for niece, Cassuandra Holmes, Collected ober $500,000.00 and stands to make a lot more off the Fred Potter Case.

Jack Merle Skinner, attorney for niece, Cassuandra Holmes, Collected ober $500,000.00 and stands to make a lot more off the Fred Potter Case.

Jack Skinner had thought that, considering the history of this case, the hearing would be a slam dunk for him.  The attorney for Fred Potter had been allowed to speak without the usual “court room tagging” or constant interruptions by Skinner.  Line by line the submission of the reasons for attorney fees was discussed.

Skinner had asked for attorney fees for public relations for Holmes.  The public relations firms in Little Rock had each turned the case down.  Now, here is a charge that concerns everyone.  Skinner is asking for fees because they are having to monitor social media to see who they might have to file litigation against.

The judge did several times over-rule Skinner and limited the attorney fees.  Could it be because the judge is finally taking notice of the fraud proceedings in Crawford County and the massive public attention that this case is getting?

A motion was made in court by Fred Potter’s Attorney for the judge to take judicial notice of the fraud court proceedings in Crawford County.  The motion was not heard because Skinner wants time to respond to the motion in writing.

Cassaundra Holmes

Cassaundra Holmes

A remarkable difference in the appearance of Cassaundra Holmes was noticed.  She appeared to be very swollen and an estimate of 25-30 pounds since the June 4, 2018 hearing.  A unnamed phycologist stated “her weight gain could be due to several factors and without medical reasons on could surmise that there may be extreme depression due to the drastic change of events (fraud) in this case.”

It is the opinion of several legal analyst from around the country that the judge should have taken immediate judicial notice of the Crawford County proceedings and issue a temporary order to stay all proceedings and orders until the fraud case has been adjudicated.

In Crawford County, the defendant, Cassaundra Holmes, has 30 days to answer the civil complaint.  A amendment to the complaint correcting some errors was filed by the plaintiff.  The allegations of fraud has over-whelming evidence and expert testimony to sustain a prima facia case and lead to a victory for Fred Potter.

Many have been asking about a criminal investigation into this matter.  Although any information concerning a criminal investigation cannot be discussed at this time, everyone can have reasonable belief that there is a criminal investigation.  Considering the fraud and the financial instruments involved there are various law enforcement agencies interested.  Those agencies work on their own time schedule and in their own way without public dissemination during any possible investigation.

In addition to a possible criminal case independent of the civil case the judge can make a criminal referral in the matter.  Once the fraud case is adjudicated as being fraud then the Scott County case against Fred Potter should become mute and the court should make criminal referrals to the state the fraud used in that court.

The Walking, Talking Veteran, Thomas Hudson

The Walking, Talking Veteran, Thomas Hudson

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  Mr. Skinner, should you want to distract people from the factual issues of the case with your non-since of wanting the court to order Fred Potter to pay for monitoring social media because of your statements of possible law suits against others then I invite you to come after me.  You will need an Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, a Coast Guard full of attorneys because you will be way out of your league.  Bring it own because I will not only stop reporting the news and making commentaries I intend to increase my reporting concerning you.  Yes Mr. Skinner you have a lot to answer for in this case.  I would love to depose you for a federal case because I am not going to play in small town America with the good-ole boy game that you seemingly have enjoyed filling your bank accounts over the years.  Perhaps we can teach you some constitutional law and a concept known as freedom of speech.  Leave Fred alone and come after me if you want to play in the big leagues.

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Lyndastartzman July 13, 2018 at 5:23 pm

Good job reporting. The 1,000. Per day fine imposed by Honorable Judge McCormick was diacussed, and Judge McCormick would not lift it or put a limit on it. It seems that someone is very determined to strip Mr Potter of all his assets. The Honorable Judge McCormick stated in the court hearing in June 2018, that due to Mr Potter’s assets, he should be fined 1,000. Per day until it is determined by the judge that he has satisfactorily returned all of the personal property items on the inventory list. This time in court, the judge said to the opposing party: “he says he has returned all of the items in his possession.” “We need to do this sale.” (There is an order by the judge to auction off the old Potter residence, and everything that was inside of it before Mr Potter moved.) Yet, although he acknowledged the fact in court that Mr Potter says he has returned everything in his possession, he still left the $1,000. day fine in place for contempt until he returns the items. Does not ring true to fact. But yes, you could tell a lot of people were praying for the truth to come out. August 9th is the date to go over “the list” of personal property items Fred had in his possession.
Please continue with your prayers.


Lynda July 14, 2018 at 10:56 am

We still need 30 something more signatures for an investigation on the judges behavior in this case as of 07-18-18. It takes 300 to get it looked at in Little Rock, AR. See “Justice for Fred Potter website on where to sign the petition.

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