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CAUTION, Michael Joe Hamby, Attorney for Thomas & Kevin WrightThis lawyer was disciplined by a state licensing authority.  Caution issued in AR, 2007

A caution means that an attorney did something wrong, but may still practice law. The attorney was cautioned in hopes that he or she will not repeat the behavior. Details of the infraction are made part of the public record.

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Michael Hamby Law

Michael Hamby Law, Posted August 3, 2017

Mr Hamby was hired to represent me in a divorce. Mr Hamby would repeatedly schedule appointments, I would showup, and Mr Hamby would always have some reasoning to push subpoenas, and gathering of evidence “down the road”. I confronted Mr. Hamby in a phone conversation about his lack of work, for what he had been paid. Mr Hamby assured me that he would serve subpoenas, and request information pertaining to my case. During deposition, when my ex-wife’s attorney read the interrogatories. ….. Mr. Hamby had changed my request for “joint custody” to “full custody”, and made up his own reasoning as to why I deserved “full”. Mr Hamby failed to submit evidence, witness list, and requested an additional $2000-$3000 the day of deposition to continue. Mr Hamby quit 5 weeks before trial, and wrote a letter to the judge, not simply requesting to be dismissed as my representation, but claiming I was rude, and disrespectful. When Mr Hamby returned my file in the mail, many things that had been given to him, by me as evidence…. we’re no longer there. I lost my kids due to Mr Hamby ‘s actions.


Justice For Fred Potter

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