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Fraud and Forgery Discovered

February 21, 2019 | 0 Comments

Evidence clearly shows that Cassaundra Holmes did in fact forge the document.

UPDATE:  This case for fraud was filed in Crawford County, Arkansas where Fred Potter resides.  Judge Metlock has issued an order dismissing the case of fraud by Cassaundra L. Holmes due to the pending case in Scott County.

Letter of Dismissal

Regardless of the dismissal the evidence clearly shows that Cassuandra Holmes did in fact forge the document.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the US Attorney’s office has been investigating.  The investigation is presently assigned to a forensic auditor.

The court in Scott County, Arkansas, Judge David H. McCormick, should put a stay on all proceedings in that court along with a stay on all previous court orders and assign the forgery and fraud for prosecutorial investigation.

The statue of limitations has expired on the the forgery.  However, due to the forgery there is continuing fraud perpetrated upon the court and the victim, Fred Potter.

Caussandra L. Holmes is a insurance agent for Progressive insurance and does business as Caussandra Insurance Agency in Waldron, Arkansas.  She has a history of litigation involving various family member.

Cassaundra Holmes

Cassaundra Holmes

After an extensive investigation, Fred Potter has filed a civil complaint in Crawford County, Arkansas alleging that his niece, Cassaundra Holmes, committed forgery.  The summons was served with the attorney, Jack Skinner, for Cassaundra Holmes.  Read the legal complaint below. 

The document attached as exhibit A is a true and correct copy of Fred Potter’s current trust. What should have been attached as exhibit A is from Betty Potter’s September 10, 2004.

Developing StoryWhy this matters: this forged document awards Cassaundra Holmes 50% of Vernon Wright’s portion if he should pass away and 100% of my portion of Betty’s trust if I pass away before Fred Potter.  This is an ongoing developing story.




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