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Kevin Wright request to join Justice For Fred Potter on Facebook

December 1, 2018 | 0 Comments


Kevin Wright is the brother of Cassaundra Holmes, and is a party with Cassaundra in the litigation against Fred Potter.
Keeping within the rules established by Veterans March for this group we will strive to provide fair and balance reporting and ask the questions that need to be ask without discrimination or bias in the process.

We are asking that Kevin answer the following questions in the attempt to give the opportunity for both sides to respond within the parameters of civility.

QUESTION ONE: What value does the opposing parties have in forcing Fred Potter to relinquish his military records by court order?

QUESTION TWO: Considering that the records are only valuable to the veteran that they were awarded to, and has disturbed the entire veteran community, will you consider being an ambassador of goodwill to effect the return of the military records to the hero that served our country in the Marines, Army, and Army National Guard?

QUESTION THREE: Knowing that the case has involved alleged forgery and fraud, which has been investigated by a forensic handwriting expert and presently being investigated by the FBI and the US Attorney, will you explain why the opposing party does not ask for a stay on all proceedings in Scott County?

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