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Veterans Walk in Solidarity Press Release

May 24, 2018 | 0 Comments

May 24, 2018
EVENT: Veterans Walk in Solidarity
WHEN: June 3, 2018
WHERE:  E 2nd & S Main Street, Waldron, Arkansas

TIME: 1 pm with special guest speakers
PURPOSE: To bring awareness and a show of solidarity for a Korean War Veteran, Fred Potter. The story is developing more each day and by the hour and about Love, Greed, Elder Abuse, Judicial Misconduct and Corruption. The more that you learn about the story it will make anyone cry.
FACEBOOK: Facebook.com/groups/JusticeForFredPotter
WEBSITE: JusticeForFredPotter.com
CONTACT: Alice Sue Davis
EMAIL: alice@veteransmarch.org
PHONE: (501) 287-7285






Veterans Walk in Solidarity